Indian power sector

India is one of the world's largest and fastest growing  economy.  The demand for power is underpinned by the following fundamentals 

  • Population of 1.3 billion people of which c.250 million currently do not have access to power
  • GDP growth of 7% +
  • A per capita electricity consumption of  1,010 kWh which is one of the lowest amongst leading emerging economies in the world
  • Focus on infrastructure development by government

Availability and reliability of power supply is key to achieving economic growth. IEA and India’s own planning commission expects India to install more than 250 GW of power by 2030. The Government in India has made several reforms and policy to achieve this target.

  • Achieve 175 GW of renewable power capacity; of which 100 GW from solar
  • Increase coal supply to 1 billion tonnes by 2020
  • Financial restructuring of Discoms, the distribution arms of the State Electricity Boards
  • Improve transmission infrastructure including dedicated lines for renewables (Green Corridor)